COVID Update

Dentist Bells Corners

Your Health is Our Top Priority.

Meet Jaspr: In today’s world, air quality is a top priority which is why we invested in Jaspr, a HEPA filtration unit with commercial-grade sensors to track air quality in every treatment room.

In real-time, Jaspr adapts to its environment and can filter gases, odors, allergens, and bioaerosols that contain viruses and  bacteria. Each treatment room is also enclosed with sliding doors.


Safe, Smart and Compliant

We have implemented Steritraces – automation in sterilization! This software allows us to prove, at any time, that our clinic meets or exceeds the standards of care.

We can prove the link between the patient, the medical devices, the sterilization cycle, as well as all the tests required to control the biosafety of this critical process in the clinic.