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10 Vital Signs That You Need to Go to the Dentist Immediately | Dentist Bells Corners

10 Vital Signs That You Need to Go to the Dentist Immediately

Do you need to make an emergency trip to the dentist’s office like Family Dentist Bells Corners? Here are 10 serious situations that call for same-day attention.

Pain or Sensitivity from Hot Temperatures

Teeth that are sensitive to hot foods or drinks usually have some type of nerve damage. Immediate care is essential if you want to avoid a dental extraction or spread of infection.

Your Tooth is Changing Colours

When a tooth starts to die, it usually turns a darker colour than the teeth next to it. Necrotic teeth can be preserved with gentle root canal treatment as long as they’re treated promptly.

You Got Hit in the Mouth

Oral trauma is one of the most common dental emergencies treated in Bells Corners. From sports accidents to slips in the bathroom, a hit to the mouth typically requires immediate attention. Sometimes, the effects of a mouth-related injury aren’t noticeable for years.

A Tooth is Loose or Moves When You Push Down on It

Does your tooth seem to move side to side or up and down whenever you’re eating or biting into food? Are your gums sore? You could have aggressive gum disease, which results in tooth loss and can jeopardize other teeth. Early treatment will help prevent the spread of infection before it’s too late.

There’s an Abscess on Your Gums

Is there a small pimple on your gums, next to your tooth? Usually, this swelling is because of an abscessed dental nerve. Abscesses can cause tooth loss if they aren’t treated promptly. Even though your tooth may not hurt, urgent attention is necessary.

Part of Your Tooth Broke Off

Fractured teeth can be embarrassing. They also predispose your tooth to additional breakage, because of the weaker, exposed layers of tooth. It’s best to treat a broken tooth within an hour. Sometimes bonding is all that’s needed.

A Filling, Crown, or Other Dental Work Fell Off

Any time existing dental restorations break off of your teeth, it puts that tooth at risk for additional decay and deterioration. Avoid chewing on that side of your mouth and reserve an emergency exam.

There’s a Visible Hole in Your Tooth

As with broken teeth, visible cavities weaken your overall tooth structure. By the time you can physically see a cavity in your tooth, there is usually serious damage.

You’re Experiencing Severe Gum Swelling

Oral swelling or bleeding can sometimes be so severe that they require a trip to the emergency room. Call us at the earliest onset of symptoms.

You’re in Pain

Tooth pain can interfere with your entire day. Whether you’re not able to work or can’t send a child to school, you need immediate, same-day emergency attention.

Call Family Dentist Bells Corners

Dr. Ryan Kirschner is available to provide urgent, emergency dental care in Ottawa for your family when you need it most. Get fast pain relief so that you can smile again. Call Family Dentist Bells Corners today for an appointment. Same day care is usually available.

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