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General Dentistry Bells Corners, Ottawa

A healthy smile is a foundation for confidence and overall wellness. By working to prevent dental concerns—and treating them as early as possible—you can preserve your smile for the years ahead.

General Dentistry Bells Corners, Ottawa

Benefits of Preventive Care

Regular dental exams, professional teeth cleanings, and diagnostic X-rays allow us to intercept areas of concern while they’re still reversible or preventable. During your exam, we’ll screen for signs and symptoms of periodontal disease, oral cancer, tooth decay and more.

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Whenever a tooth wears down, breaks, or erodes from active decay, it’s essential to rebuild that area. Restorative treatments allow you to bite and chew normally while eliminating the source of painful infections. Some of the most common types of restorative dentistry we offer include:

Dental Fillings

Minimally-invasive white fillings reinforce areas destroyed by tooth decay, without sacrificing aesthetics or quality. These small restorations allow you to keep smiling, regardless of where they’re placed inside your mouth. Composite materials used today are mercury-free and less invasive than more conventional metal fillings. 

Keep in mind that not all cavities cause discomfort. If your tooth is sensitive or something feels “off”, be sure to let us know. A small X-ray will be necessary to evaluate the full extent of your decay if any.


Sometimes called “caps”, crowns are full-coverage protective restorations that cover your entire tooth. They’re necessary when teeth are severely worn, fractured, or a smaller filling isn’t appropriate. We also place crowns on top of teeth that have received root canal treatment.

Your custom restoration will be matched to adjacent teeth for natural-looking results.

Fixed Bridges

Do you have a missing tooth or teeth? Does one need to be extracted because of aggressive infection or decay? A bridge can fill in the space in your smile so that no one will ever know a tooth is missing.

Traditional bridges are anchored on top of a pair of healthy teeth, with one on either side of the missing one. However, if you have several teeth missing in a row, we can also place a pair of dental implants in Ottwa to support a much longer fixed restoration.

Do You Need Treatment?

If you have a tooth that’s sensitive, food that gets caught in particular spaces, or if you notice a rough edge when you run your tongue over the area, be sure to let us know. It’s best to treat fillings early before they have an opportunity to spread elsewhere. Plan to have your existing dental work checked regularly, as older fillings or crowns may start to leak over time.

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