Custom Oral Appliances Bells Corners, Ottawa

Getting a custom oral appliance—such as a bite splint or sports mouthguard—is simple. All we need to do is take a brief impression of your smile. From there, we can craft a form-fitting appliance that hugs each of your teeth for the best level of protection.

Adults, teens, and children alike can benefit from oral appliances. Each one has a different purpose, but they can significantly lessen the risk of painful injuries or unnecessary dental treatment in the future.

Custom Oral Appliances Bells Corners, Ottawa

How Do Mouthguards and Splints Work?

Depending on what your risks are, mouthguards and similar oral appliances play the specific role of safeguarding your teeth and soft tissues. They significantly reduce your chances of dental emergencies, broken teeth, as well as lip/cheek/tongue lacerations.

Although you could buy a mouthguard or splint at any drugstore, professionally-fitted appliances offer better protection and improved comfort. Their secure fit keeps them in place when you need them most. Commercial “boil and bite” appliances from stores tend to be looser and bulkier. As a result, they tend to come out when you rely on them the most, increasing your risk of injury.

Types of Dental Appliances We Offer

While there are several types of mouthguards used in dentistry, we primarily offer two different designs:

Occlusal Splints and Nightguards—If you’re someone who clenches or grinds your teeth, your tooth enamel will eventually give out. As a side-effect, you’ll also experience symptoms like TMJ disorder, earaches, and recurring headaches, not to mention broken dental work. A daytime bite splint or nightguard can help to reduce signs and symptoms related to clenching and grinding. We highly recommend wearing a nightguard if you’ve invested in cosmetic veneers or other smile makeover treatment Sleeping in a nightguard can help to extend the overall lifespan of restorative work throughout your smile.

Athletic Mouthguards—Competitive and recreational athletes should always wear a protective oral appliance during games or practice. Even if it isn’t a contact sport but there is a risk of physical injury to the mouth, a sports mouthguard can be extremely beneficial. These appliances limit lip lacerations, chipped teeth, and cut cheeks. Most importantly, they’ll stay in place if there is secondary trauma, further reducing your risk for injury.

Benefits of Using a Custom Device

Tooth enamel is extremely durable. In fact, it’s the hardest substance in the human body. But it isn’t invincible. If excessive clenching, grinding, or trauma comes into play, your teeth can break or wear down prematurely. Wearing a durable professionally-fitted mouthguard or splint helps cushion the pressure on your teeth. That way the acrylic absorbs most of the pressure. Replacing a worn mouthguard is much simpler (and more affordable) than repairing multiple broken teeth.

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