Guided Biofilm Therapy In Bells Corners, Ottawa

If you tend to have moderate to heavy buildup on your teeth or dislike the way it usually feels to have your teeth cleaned, there’s a new solution to choose from. Guided biofilm therapy (GBT) is a safe and effective dental cleaning process that is just as gentle as it is holistic.

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What is GBT Airflow?

Guided Biofilm Therapy uses non-abrasive cleaning technology to minimize the need for uncomfortable mechanical instrumentation. By performing an individualized risk assessment, we can identify areas of bacteria buildup throughout your mouth, then remove them with the highest level of efficiency and safety.

GBT uses a special powder and warm mist to thoroughly lift away dental biofilm above and below the gumline as well as stain accumulation across your enamel. If any residual calcified buildup is present, a streamlined piezo tip can efficiently lift it away in a thorough yet gentle manner.

Is Guided Biofilm Therapy safe? Absolutely. GBT is ideal for natural teeth as well as dental implants and other restorations.

Benefits Of Guided Biofilm Therapy In Bells Corners

With GBT, our patients can enjoy an effective plaque-control regimen that targets buildup in a more conventional manner. The individually-oriented cleaning process avoids more mechanical and irritating techniques, replacing them with technology that allows a more thorough and effective cleaning process. In turn, your dental appointments require a little less time, leave your mouth feeling even cleaner than before, and you’ll have a “blank slate” that’s easier to maintain from visit to visit.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Guided Biofilm Therapy is that even the most microscopic areas of bacteria are thoroughly lifted away from your teeth. And since the slim tip cleans tooth surfaces below the gums, there’s no guesswork as to whether all of the buildup is removed.

When is it Used?

Bells Corners Dental Studio incorporates GBT airflow techniques into most adult dental cleanings. We find that GBT techniques minimize the risk of developing periodontal disease and gingivitis, providing maximum preventative coverage for our patients with healthy smiles.

A Uniquely Tailored Dental Cleaning

During your Guided Biofilm Therapy cleaning, our hygienist will use a special disclosing agent to identify areas of buildup inside of your mouth. From there, you’ll visually be able to tell what parts of your smile may need more attention during everyday brushing or flossing routines. As we educate you on the most efficient methods to clean these locations, you’ll gain a better understanding of managing biofilm colonies as they relate to your teeth and diet. We can also show you specific oral hygiene aids that will clean those spaces more thoroughly on a day-to-day basis.

With transitions in your home care routine  combined with Guided Biofilm Therapy cleanings, you can improve both your oral health as well as your systemic wellness. As with other preventative care appointments, we recommend scheduling your cleaning at least once every six months.

Experience the Difference

Schedule a Guided Biofilm Therapy cleaning for yourself today at Bells Corners Dental Studio. We proudly serve families throughout the Nepean and Ottawa areas!

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