Sedation Dentistry Bells Corners, Ottawa

Dental sedation is great for anyone who wants a more relaxing experience at the dental office. Whether you have mild anxiety, a sensitive gag reflex, or just dislike getting dental work completed, adding sedation to your appointment can help tremendously.

Sedation Dentistry Bells Corners, Ottawa

Why Dental Sedation?

With sedation dentistry, you’re able to complete your required treatment gently and efficiently. By scheduling visits earlier, you prevent complications from getting worse and more expensive to correct. Proactive treatments are minimally-invasive and better for your smile. Sedation helps you overcome the hesitations that you have about routine dental work!

Perhaps you have root canal therapy planned and would like to “tune out” what’s going on or maybe you have sensitive teeth and dislike having them cleaned. Using dental sedation helps you safely feel more relaxed without being completely put to sleep in the dentist’s office.

How Does it Work?

Our practice uses nitrous oxide sedation, also referred to as “laughing gas” or “happy gas.” Nitrous oxide works quickly, with full results in a matter of a few minutes. You simply inhale the gas through a soft nose piece and it helps you relax from head to toe. Since nitrous is inhalation sedation, it is also quickly reversible. Once your procedure is completed, the effects wear off within about five minutes. It is safe enough to drive yourself home afterward.

Even though nitrous oxide does provide moderate analgesic relief, we will still want to numb any specific teeth receiving treatment. However, you’ll be less sensitive to the anesthetic injection, as the sedative will have already taken full effect.

Benefits of Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous sedation is safe for adults and children alike. Best of all, you’re never “asleep” or “put under” in the dentist’s office. You’re still fully conscious and aware of what’s going on around you. However, you’ll feel as if you’ve had a couple of glasses of wine. You might even giggle a little. The gentle desensitization that occurs helps you feel more relaxed so that our family dentist can be more efficient with your procedure. You’ll be more comfortable and as a result, it can help you spend less time in the dental office.

When You May Need It

You may want to request sedation if you:

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