Professional Teeth Whitening Bells Corners, Ottawa

Brightening your smile is a great way to help your teeth look fresher, healthier, and more youthful. Professional whitening safely erases dark stains on teeth while boosting the natural brightness of your tooth enamel. 

Considering a smile makeover? Whitening is an affordable and effective way to enhance healthy teeth. Whether you’re looking to take a few years off of your smile or tend to drink a bit too much coffee than you should, our take-home whitening kit can help.

Professional Teeth Whitening Bells Corners, Ottawa

Why Professional Whitening?

Concentrated professional whitening ingredients work differently than products you can find online or in stores. Each of the specially-formulated gels is designed to oxidize stain particles at maximum efficiency, providing quicker and more dramatic results when you use them.

Professional whitening products are ideal for treating:

We often recommend whitening your teeth as a stand-alone cosmetic dental procedure, or to prepare for other aesthetic services related to your smile makeover. Having brighter teeth allows us to match your updated dental work—such as fillings, crowns, or veneers—to a lighter shade of enamel.

How it Works

Our professional whitening systems use prefabricated bleaching trays that are filled with the appropriate amount of whitening gel. By shaping them snuggly to your teeth, you can ensure maximum contact time with a minimal amount of bleaching product.

When your kit is worn as directed—usually an hour a day or sleeping in it overnight—maximum results are seen in about 10-14 days. If you have sensitive teeth, we may recommend whitening every other day instead of daily. Using a sensitive toothpaste before, during, and after whitening treatments can also help minimize irritation.

Opalescence take-home kits use special peroxide-based gels that oxidize stain particles deep inside of your enamel’s porous surfaces. Even if your teeth are naturally a bit darker than you could like, the oxidation process safely brightens the enamel that it penetrates.

Who is a Candidate?

Teeth whitening is best for adults with healthy teeth and gums. If you have active gum disease or tooth decay, those infections will need to be addressed beforehand. We do not recommend whitening for younger patients or women who are nursing or pregnant.

If you’re considering whitening your teeth, it’s best to reserve a brief consultation at our Bells Corners dental office to make sure your smile is healthy beforehand.

We may recommend whitening your teeth before other cosmetic treatment like veneers, crowns, or replacing white fillings in your smile zone.

How to Maintain Your Results

For best results, use your whitening kit as directed and then touch up after every six-month checkup. With freshly cleaned and polished teeth, the whitening gel can better penetrate your enamel to lift stain particles. Touch ups typically require fewer applications (usually 3-5) to keep your smile bright between visits.

A Brighter Smile is Just a Call Away

For affordable and professional teeth whitening in Nepean, Ottawa, and Bells Corners, call Bells Corners Dental Studio today to book an evaluation.

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