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Tooth Extraction Bells Corners, Ottawa

Removing a problematic tooth can offer quick relief. If you have a painful toothache or suffered a traumatic injury, sometimes it’s best to extract a tooth altogether and replace it with something else.  Or in the case of impacted wisdom teeth, removing them may be in the best interest of your overall smile.

Tooth Extraction Bells Corners, Ottawa

Why Does My Tooth Need to be Removed?

Most dental extractions are planned on a case-by-case basis. However, they typically fall under one of the following criteria:

  • Severe tooth pain

  • Cracked tooth root

  • Aggressive periodontal disease

  • Chronic tooth decay

  • Full mouth reconstruction (dentures, implants, etc.)

  • Dental emergencies

  • Severe infection, such as an abscess

To be sure that extraction is your best option, we will need to take a small X-ray of the tooth in question. Our dentist in Kanata will evaluate the root and structures around it to determine if there is a way to preserve your tooth first.

What to Expect

We offer nitrous oxide sedation during your extraction appointment to help you feel relaxed. Unlike other types of sedatives, laughing gas is quickly reversible after your procedure, so there is no lingering drowsiness. Once you’re comfortable, we’ll gently numb the area immediately around your tooth. You can expect to feel a little pressure during the procedure, but that’s about it.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

The last set of molars at the back of our mouth is what most of us refer to as “wisdom teeth.” However, wisdom teeth are at a much higher risk of impaction and partial eruption. Or if they do erupt properly, they can be difficult to clean each day, placing them at a higher risk of decay and gum disease.

Wisdom tooth removal eliminates painful swelling at the back of the mouth. It also removes any source of infection that can damage adjacent teeth, preserving the rest of your smile.

Most wisdom tooth extractions are typically performed during the teen years or early adulthood.

Recovery After an Extraction

It’s best to avoid hard or crunchy foods for several days after your extraction. When you chew, make sure to avoid that side of your mouth. Be sure to follow your home care instructions so that the extraction site will heal properly. This will reduce your chances of a dry socket or other uncomfortable side effects.

Unless we’re extracting a wisdom tooth, it’s important to have a plan to replace your tooth in a timely manner. A dental implant or fixed bridge is an excellent option. This restoration will not only help correct any aesthetic concerns but it will also preserve natural tooth placement so that other teeth do not drift out of alignment.

Get a Professional Opinion

Other than wisdom teeth, it’s usually best to try to preserve natural teeth whenever possible. Bells Corners Dental Studio will help you determine if an extraction is best for your smile, or if there are other options to repair your broken or infected tooth. If you live in Bells Corners, Nepean, or Ottawa, call now for an appointment.

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