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As general dentists, we offer comprehensive dentistry for the entire family, including young children.

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The Importance Of Children’s Dentistry

Most major dental concerns are preventable during childhood. But the key is to begin seeing a dentist from an early age. Regular preventative care and education reduce the chances of developing oral disease, especially in our youngest patients. The best way to help kids take care of their teeth and enjoy healthy smiles for a lifetime is to visit our pediatric dentist in Bells Corners.

However, children’s dental checkups also play another crucial role: preventing dental phobia and anxiety as your child grows up. By providing gentle prevention-driven care from an early age; children experience dentistry in a positive light. They’ll be far less likely to fear trips to the dentist as an adult when they do.

Some of the pediatric dentistry services that we offer at our general dental clinic include:

Benefits Of Family Dental Treatment

Unfortunately, tooth decay is one of the most common diseases affecting people today. The good news is that we can provide minimally-invasive treatments—like white fillings—to prevent the spread of decay to other teeth.

Dental care is critical for kids because when a child suffers from aggressive decay or infection and loses a tooth, the shape of their bite and face can change. Early intervention through pulp therapy or space maintainers allows their tooth eruptions and biting patterns to continue developing in an ideal manner.

Having access to a family dentist in Bells Corners allows children of all ages to have a dental team that’s there with them for life. When emergencies pop up or as their bite transitions into an adult smile, they’ll have the same providers by their side to monitor their dental needs.

Family Dentist Bells Corners

The general and family dentistry providers at Bells Corners serve children of all ages throughout the Nepean, Kanata, Barrhaven areas.We make it easy for every member of your family to get the dental care they need in one convenient dental clinic. You can visit us for children’s dentistry, adult dental care, senior dentistry, and every service in between. Our dedicated dental team is here to help with your family dental care in Bells Corners. Schedule your appointment today.

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