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People of all ages struggle with a fear of the dentist.

While a dental phobia can be upsetting, it’s not something you should let hold you back.

No matter how afraid or anxious a person may be, they should still seek necessary dental care. Even if a person fears the dentist, they can receive the preventive care and treatments they need in order to stay healthy. Skipping dental visits increases the chances of developing more serious oral health problems and needing more extensive treatments later on.

Regardless of the origins of your dental fear, overcoming it is important for long-term dental health.

Keep reading for tips on overcoming a fear of the dentist.

Find the Root Cause

Understanding why you’re afraid of the dentist can help you find the best solutions. Sometimes, a specific experience may prompt fear and anxiety at the dental office. Other times, it’s not so clear. Journal about your feelings and experiences to come to a better understanding of why you’re afraid of the dentist.

Learn More About Modern Dental Treatments

A lot of dental horror stories come from much older dental technology and methods. Common fears are very unlikely to come to fruition thanks to modern dental technology. Learning more about current dental tools and methods can help alleviate some of the fears you may have.

Bring Someone for Support

Addressing a phobia is not an overnight task. It can take a long time and even professional help before you feel comfortable about the dentist’s office. But you will likely need dental care before you feel “ready.” Bringing a family member or friend for support can help make the appointment more bearable. Choose someone who is not afraid of the dentist and can support you in a positive way.

Compassionate Dental Care at Bells Corners Dental Studio in Ottawa

Another important part of overcoming dental fear is choosing the right dentist. You need a dental office that is welcoming and will help you work through your anxieties.

That’s exactly what we do at Bells Corners Dental Studio. Our patient, dedicated team takes the time to ensure you feel comfortable. We explain dental care and exactly what we will do to keep you comfortable and safe during treatment. Together, we can help you work through your fear of the dentist!

Visit Bells Corners Dental Studio for the best dental care in Ottawa.

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