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What to Expect at Your Child’s Dental Appointment | Dentist Near Me

The American Dental Association recommends all patients to schedule routine six-month check-up exams. This is particularly important for growing children.  At your visit, we will screen your child’s mouth for tooth decay and gum disease. Regular professional dental cleanings are essential for a healthy mouth. During your child’s dental cleaning, we will gently remove any […]

Oral Cancer Screening Can Save Your Life | Dentist Bells Corners Nepean

Our expert dentist wants to remind patients that our office offers thorough oral cancer screening as part of our comprehensive dental health services. Like with every form of cancer, early diagnosis can have a profound impact on the success of your treatment. Regular screenings are your first line of defense against oral cancer and our […]

How to Beat Your Dental Phobia | Dentist Bells Corners

Dentist Bells Corners

People of all ages struggle with a fear of the dentist. While a dental phobia can be upsetting, it’s not something you should let hold you back. No matter how afraid or anxious a person may be, they should still seek necessary dental care. Even if a person fears the dentist, they can receive the […]

Can Dentures Improve My Quality of Life? | Dentist Bells Corners

Dentist Bells Corners

Missing teeth can put a real damper on your smile, especially if you are missing a lot of them. Not only do they affect how your smile looks, but missing teeth also make daily tasks like eating and talking more difficult. Dentures are a top restoration option for those missing most or all of their […]

Wisdom Teeth Removal: Understanding the Need and Benefits | Dentist Bells Corners

Dentist Bells Corners

The topic of wisdom tooth removal can be both intriguing and concerning for many individuals. At Bells Corners Dental Studio, we understand the confusion with wisdom tooth extraction, and we want to guide you in the right direction.  In this article, we share more about wisdom tooth removal, when it’s beneficial, and how to determine […]

Brushing Teeth After Wisdom Teeth Extraction: What to Know  | Dentist Bells Corners

Dentist Bells Corners

Wisdom teeth, or the backmost molars, erupt much later in life than other molars. Most often, patients experience wisdom tooth eruption in their teens or early twenties.  But the reality is that these teeth are not beneficial for modern humans. Many times, wisdom teeth can negatively affect dental health. Since they come in after other […]

The Lifespan of a Dental Filling | Dentist Bells Corners

Dentist Bells Corners

We see cavities very often. If you notice a cavity forming, we can help you preserve your tooth by treating the decay before it spreads. For many patients, treatment for a cavity requires a filling. Tooth fillings can also address minor tooth cracks. But is a tooth filling a durable, long-lasting option? Keep reading to […]

What to Know About Invisalign: FAQ | Dentist Bells Corners

Dentist Bells Corners

For a modern teeth-straightening solution, many patients opt for Invisalign.  It offers the same orthodontic benefits as traditional braces but without any metal brackets or wires.  If you’re looking to improve the straightness of your smile, then Invisalign may be a good option. However, it’s important to understand the treatment solution before choosing it.  Keep […]

Top Benefits of Becoming a Dentist | Dentist Bells Corners

Dentist Bells Corners

Choosing a career path can be scary, but it’s never too late to discover a new direction. Dentistry is a reliable field with many excellent job opportunities. If you’ve been considering it, then this article is for you! Today, we’ll dive into some of the top benefits of working in the dental industry. Keep reading […]

How Nail-Biting Impacts Oral Health | Dentist Bells Corners

Dentist Bells Corners

Nail biting is an extremely common habit, and it’s not a good one! There are several concerns to consider regarding nail biting. Yes, this bad little habit can impact your teeth and oral health. While it’s certainly not easy to stop doing, it’s a habit you should try to break for the sake of your […]