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We see cavities very often. If you notice a cavity forming, we can help you preserve your tooth by treating the decay before it spreads. For many patients, treatment for a cavity requires a filling.

Tooth fillings can also address minor tooth cracks.

But is a tooth filling a durable, long-lasting option?

Keep reading to learn more about how long tooth fillings last and what you can do to help.

The Lifespan of Dental Fillings

How long do dental fillings last? The material used plays a role. While gold and silver used to be common, they don’t offer the most natural look.

Here’s a closer look at tooth filling durability based on material:

  • Gold – Gold dental fillings have an incredibly long lifespan, 15-30 years.
  • Silver –  Most silver amalgam tooth fillings last between 10 and 15 years.
  • Resin– Composite resin fillings look very natural, but they have a short 5-7 year lifespan.
  • Ceramic – Porcelain and ceramic fillings can last up to 15 years. However, they are a more expensive material choice.

How to Help Dental Fillings Last Longer

How long a tooth filling lasts depends on what material is used and several other factors. Here are some tips for patients to ensure their fillings last as long as possible.

To protect your teeth and gums, brush twice a day and floss daily. Wear a night mouth guard if you grind or clench your teeth. Wear a sports mouth guard for any high-impact or high-risk activities. Make sure to schedule regular dental visits for a professional teeth cleaning and exam.

Taking care of your teeth will help any dental restorations, including a tooth filling, last as long as possible.

Tooth Filling in Nepean, ON

To make your tooth filling last as long as possible, choose Family Dentist Bells Corners for your tooth filling in Nepean. We will help you determine which material to use for your tooth filling. Additionally, count on us for tips and advice for helping your dental treatment last as long as possible. Schedule your appointment for a tooth filling in Napean today!

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